Install SharePoint 2010 in Amazon Cloud EC2

Source:  by Marek Czarzbon – You need an EC2 Account by Amazon 2- Go to the AWS Management Console (Beta) 3- Start a new instance. Be aware about the region. I’ve started my server in Europe West. 4- The Windows Server 2008 is not available as standard AMI Image, so switch to Community AMIContinue reading “Install SharePoint 2010 in Amazon Cloud EC2”

VM Import – Bring Your VMware Images to The Cloud

  If you have invested in virtualization to meet IT security, compliance, or configuration management requirements and are now looking at the cloud as the next step toward the future, I’ve got some good news for you. VM Import lets you bring existing VMware images (VMDK files) to Amazon EC2. You can import "system disks"Continue reading “VM Import – Bring Your VMware Images to The Cloud”

Amazon Elastic MapReduce Features

With the AWS Management Console, developers can easily launch Elastic MapReduce job flows and monitor their progress. You can create as many job flows as you’d like by filling out a simple wizard. You can monitor job flow status as it progresses through execution stages, and, if required, terminate it with a single mouse click.Continue reading “Amazon Elastic MapReduce Features”