Highest paying 10 IT jobs are in Big Data

#BigData skills pay top dollar Nine of the highest paying 10 IT jobs are for skills related to Big Data R: $115,5312. NoSQL: $114,7963. MapReduce: $114,3964. PMBok: $112,3825. Cassandra: $112,3826. Omnigraffle: $111,0397. Pig: $109,5618. Service Oriented Architecture:$108,9979. Hadoop: $108,66910. Mongo DB: $107,825 http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9246120/Big_Data_skills_pay_top_dollar

Running Cloudera Hadoop under Windows

Environment : Windows 7 – 64bit and Virtual Box VM Image : CDH4 Packages for Virtual Box 1. Create a new Virtual Machine 2. Enter a name for New Virtual Machine and Select the type of the quest operating system you plan to install into the virtual machine   3. Select the amount of baseContinue reading “Running Cloudera Hadoop under Windows”