Monitoring software Nagios Alternatives, Competitors & Similar Software

Source: by Jonah Kowall Speaking to our clients, and other people at conferences and industry events I attend, Nagios is always top of mind. This is a battle covered many times, many people want to use or reduce the usage of Nagios. The question always comes up, what else is good for free? The answerContinue reading “Monitoring software Nagios Alternatives, Competitors & Similar Software”

Data storage market overview: State of the market in 2014

Originally posted on Tech Expectations:
(updated 5/15/14) Data storage is a massive market ($22.5 billion for the 2013 high end storage market alone), and has reached a critical point in its evolution, highlighted by dramatic changes in base technologies, interfaces, and service models. EMC’s recent acquisition of DSSD was another thought-provoking data point. Hardware commoditization and component…

New SQL Databases–Big Data Landscape