Ideacity 2019

Toronto based Blockchain Mind along with Ez Exchange attended Ideacity 2019. Blockchain Mind offer the following services: Hyperledger Fabric Development Blockchain Cloud Storage Blockchain IOT Development Blockchain Hardware Wallet Solutions Blockchain Security Blockchain Infrastructure For more information about our services please visit our website:

Using Inter Planetary File System (IPFS) to build decentralized storage

@kevin Zang, working at I-Future Data is specializing in Blockchain Solutions, Big Data and AI.He is an expert in Inter Planetary File System (IPFS) and he is working with us to develop solutions for Endereum. Bill Wang #bigdata #artificialintelligence #blockchain #ipfs #storagedevices  

ConsenSys Academy Announces Winners Of First Ever Global MBA Blockchain Venture Competition

Toquity | INSEAD |Ownership recording on the Ethereum blockchain d.rect | Berkeley Haas FinTech Club |Decentralized international roaming data exchange protocol Carriage | TECH CLUB — Harvard Business School |Electric vehicle charging infrastructure Celeri | Berkeley Haas FinTech Club |Securitization Go-To-Market Pangea | Berkeley Haas FinTech Club |Real estate investment democratization Kivio | MIT FinTech Club |Smart Contracts and document management for ocean-freightsContinue reading “ConsenSys Academy Announces Winners Of First Ever Global MBA Blockchain Venture Competition”