Unlocking the blockchain potential

A new and emerging technology is hitting the ground running, and creating a frenzy in the industry. Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency. Initial Coin Offering (ICO). These are just some terms being seen in the headlines every day lately, but the real importance is the technology behind these terms: Blockchain. Blockchain is a new technology that has beenContinue reading “Unlocking the blockchain potential”

How to Invest in an Good Initial Coin Offering

After Bitcoin made these huge, quick gains until December 2017, more and more people were asking the question “Is Bitcoin a Bubble?“. Quickly after that Bitcoin fell from $19,783.21 on December 17th, to under $7500 in February 2018. That’s more than a 65% fall in just one month. At the end of January the Tokyo-based Exchange Coincheck was hacked and coins worth $533Continue reading “How to Invest in an Good Initial Coin Offering”

Bitcoin has a huge scaling problem—Lightning could be the solution

Three startups are getting ready to launch one of the most ambitious and important cryptocurrency experiments since the creation of bitcoin itself. Called Lightning, the project aims to build a fast, scalable, and cryptographically secure payment network layered on top of the existing bitcoin network. Essentially, Lightning aims to solve the big problem that hasContinue reading “Bitcoin has a huge scaling problem—Lightning could be the solution”

S. Korean Finance Minister: Blockchain Can ‘Revolutionize The World’

While on trip to China for economic talks, South Korea’s Finance Minister Kim Dong-yeon spoke positively about the potential for Blockchain, saying that “Blockchain technology can disrupt and revolutionize the world,” according to the South Korean-based Yonhap News Agency. During a meeting with Zhou Xiaochuan, governor of the People’s Bank of China, Yeon also spoke of a needContinue reading “S. Korean Finance Minister: Blockchain Can ‘Revolutionize The World’”

Quartet of blockchain ETFs try to cash in on cryptocurrency craze

Cryptocurrency markets might be cooling off, but the hype around blockchain isn’t abating, judging by the popularity of exchange-traded funds centered on the technology. Four new ETFs, all promising to give investors exposure to blockchain technology, launched in January. The latest is the Innovation Shares NextGen Protocol ETF, which trades under the ticker KOIN KOIN, -1.04% and madeContinue reading “Quartet of blockchain ETFs try to cash in on cryptocurrency craze”