Farm cmdlets (SharePoint Server 2010)

Get-SPFarmConfig Returns a global property or a collection of global properties for the local farm. Get-SPProcessAccount Returns a system account or a managed account. Get-SPWebTemplate Displays all globally installed site templates that match the given identity. Install-SPWebTemplate Installs the given site template. New-SPCentralAdministration Creates a new SharePoint Central Administration Web application. Set-SPCentralAdministration Sets the portContinue reading “Farm cmdlets (SharePoint Server 2010)”

Enterprise content management cmdlets (SharePoint Server 2010)

Content deployment Get-SPContentDeploymentJob Returns a content deployment job or a collection of content deployment jobs. Get-SPContentDeploymentPath Returns a content deployment path or a collection of content deployment paths. Get-SPSiteSubscriptionEdiscoveryHub Displays the eDiscovery hub for a site subscription. Get-SPSiteSubscriptionEdiscoverySearchScope Displays the search scope for the eDiscovery hub of the specified site collection. New-SPContentDeploymentJob Creates a contentContinue reading “Enterprise content management cmdlets (SharePoint Server 2010)”

Database cmdlets (SharePoint Server 2010)

Connect-SPConfigurationDatabase Connects the local server computer to a farm. Disconnect-SPConfigurationDatabase Disconnects the local server computer from the farm. Move-SPBlobStorageLocation Copies a Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 database by using Remote BLOB Storage (RBS). New-SPConfigurationDatabase Creates a new configuration database. Remove-SPConfigurationDatabase Permanently removes a configuration database. Dismount-SPContentDatabase Detaches a content database from the Web application it isContinue reading “Database cmdlets (SharePoint Server 2010)”

Business Connectivity Services cmdlets (SharePoint Server 2010)

Clear-SPSiteSubscriptionBusinessDataCatalogConfig Deletes all data from the Business Data Connectivity Metadata Store for a specified partition. Copy-SPBusinessDataCatalogAclToChildren Copies a set of permissions of a Business Data Connectivity Metadata Store metadata object to its child objects. Disable-SPBusinessDataCatalogEntity Deactivates an external content type in the Business Data Connectivity Metadata Store. Enable-SPBusinessDataCatalogEntity Activates an external content type in theContinue reading “Business Connectivity Services cmdlets (SharePoint Server 2010)”

Backup and recovery cmdlets (SharePoint Server 2010)

Backup-SPConfigurationDatabase Performs a farm-level configuration-only backup. Backup-SPFarm Creates a backup of an individual database, Web application, or the entire farm. Restore-SPFarm Restores one or more items from a backup. Backup-SPSite Performs a backup of a site collection. Restore-SPSite Restores a site collection. Get-SPBackupHistory Returns a history of backup and restore operations.