Installing Docker

Installing Docker The Docker installation package available in the official CentOS 7 repository may not be the latest version. To get the latest and greatest version, install Docker from the official Docker repository. This section shows you how to do just that. sudo yum check-update curl -fsSL | sh sudo systemctl start docker sudoContinue reading “Installing Docker”

Tools for managing Docker

Kubernetes GitHub: Web: Shipyard GitHub: Web: Kitematic GitHub: Web: Project: Dockersh GitHub: Project: DockerUI GitHub: Project: Docker-in-Docker GitHub:

Install Docker Machine in windows

How to install Docker Machine in Windows.   I was following the steps from for Windows but ran into some issues. In this post, you will see all the steps needed to install Docker in Windows Currently, Docker recommends that you install and use Docker Machine on Windows with msysgit. This will provide you with someContinue reading “Install Docker Machine in windows”