How to use json to display repositories-devicemapper in docker

Neatly display┬árepositories-devicemapper using json [root@intercloud1 docker]# cat repositories-devicemapper | python -mjson.tool { “Repositories”: { “million12/centos-supervisor”: { “latest”: “759b62aea310391f58d8818b67c5f325fbe6defa7fb47e579e60c85d7a3a240b” }, “tdiary/rpaproxy-sinatra”: { “latest”: “e30ee4416d5242cfeab264ee96a5a1972f5baf4927d801c897d1b620b477260f” }, “tutum/apache-php”: { “latest”: “c54c7b9b1247903a5ce7eabdf1deeacb046f1fe4a25eb5cbeb82998602351560”

How docker layout in the system

Where is the configuration for all of the images and containers as well as the file system? They are in var/lib/docker. To access var/lib/docker Cd /var/lib/docker ll will display following information in docker var lib drwx—— 9 root root 4096 Jun 26 18:33 containers drwx—— 5 root root 4096 Jun 22 19:16 devicemapper drwx—— 3Continue reading “How docker layout in the system”