Docker Hosting Services

ProfitBricks Docker Hosting Pricing:  Free for first 2,500 CPU core hours as part of early access preview program, then standard ProfitBricks rates apply: ·       1 CPU Core hour: $0.018/hr (+$0.01/hr Microsoft OS license) ·       1GB RAM: $0.0053/hour ·       1GB Block Storage: 4c/30 days ·       Traffic: 8c / GB outbound traffic. Inbound traffic is free.

Create multi-node Hadoop or Spark clusters, running in Docker containers

Spin Up Hadoop and Spark Clusters in Minutes With BlueData EPIC Lite, you’ll have your own personal sandbox to develop and test Big Data analytics. Create multi-node Hadoop or Spark clusters, running in Docker containers. Point to data in your local files or in HDFS and NFS storage. On your laptop. Within minutes. Download* EPICContinue reading “Create multi-node Hadoop or Spark clusters, running in Docker containers”

Container Data Management for Docker

Today, we’re excited to announce the availability of Flocker 1.0. Flocker is an open source container data volume manager for your Dockerized application. It gives ops team the tools they need to run containerized stateful services like databases in production. You can try Flocker for free in a live, demo environment, read more in ourContinue reading “Container Data Management for Docker”


Docker Tutorial 1 – Installing Docker Docker Tutorial 2 – Run Command Basics Docker Tutorial 3 – Fun with Volumes Docker Tutorial 4 – More “Run” with some 1.6 Goodies Docker Tutorial 5 – Basic Networking Docker Tutorial 6 – Dockerfile (Part 1) Docker Tutorial 7 – Dockerfile (Part 2) Docker Tutorial 8 – Troubleshooting with Sysdig Docker Tutorial 9 – Docker Machine Docker Tutorial 10 – DockerContinue reading “DOCKER TUTORIAL”