Introduction to Hadoop Security

A Hands-on Approach to Securing Big Data Clusters In this Introduction to Hadoop Security training course, expert author Jeff Bean will teach you how to use Hadoop to secure big data clusters. This course is designed for users that are already familiar with the basics of Hadoop. You will start by learning about tooling, thenContinue reading “Introduction to Hadoop Security”

Big Data Ecosystem and Snapshots

When your selecting Big Data Ecosystem for your mission critical application, make sure you chose the correct product which can allow you to take take real time snapshots.  If your Big Data Ecosystem not allowing you to take real time snapshots, you need to consider higher cost for backup. Following Video and link may helpContinue reading “Big Data Ecosystem and Snapshots”

Use Toad to Access Hadoop Ecosystem

Source: (Excellent Blog about how to access Hadoop using Toad) Sometime back I wrote a blog about Use SQL Developer to Access Hive Table on Hadoop. Recently I noticed another similar product: Toad for Hadoop. So I decided to give a try. Like many people, I like Toad products in general and use Toad inContinue reading “Use Toad to Access Hadoop Ecosystem”

Managing HDFS Snapshots Using Cloudera Manager

Browsing HDFS Directories To browse the HDFS directories to view snapshot activity: From the Clusters tab, select your CDH 5 HDFS service. Go to the File Browser tab. Enabling an HDFS Directory for Snapshots From the Clusters tab, select your CDH 5 HDFS service. Go to the File Browser tab. Navigate to the directory youContinue reading “Managing HDFS Snapshots Using Cloudera Manager”

What makes MapR superior to other Hadoop distributions

Why I prefer MapR File system metadata is distributed (think of it in terms of many mini name nodes). No central name node is needed. This eliminates name node bottlenecks. MapR-FS is written in C. No JVM garbage collection choking. NFS mount. You can mount the MapR-FS locally and read directly from it or writeContinue reading “What makes MapR superior to other Hadoop distributions”