Hadoop Interview Questions for Newcomers

Have you worked on a go-live project or a prototype? What Most People Say: “I’ve dabbled with Hadoop in my spare time.” What You Should Say: “I had considerable experience as a data warehouse architect before taking classes to learn Hadoop. Then, to make sure I was ready to handle big data sets, I pulled massive amountsContinue reading “Hadoop Interview Questions for Newcomers”

Windows Azure HDInsight supporting Hadoop 2.2

Today, Quentin Clark, corporate vice president of the Data Platform Group, announced that SQL Server 2014 has released to manufacturing and Windows Azure HDInsight supporting Hadoop 2.2 is now generally available. SQL Server 2014 delivers hybrid cloud enhancements that make it easy to extend your on-premises database environment to the cloud. HDInsight delivers incremental performance and dataContinue reading “Windows Azure HDInsight supporting Hadoop 2.2”

Performance Benefits of DataMPI: A Case Study with BigDataBench

Apache Hadoop and Spark are gaining prominence in Big Data processing and analytics. Both of them are widely deployed on Internet companies. On the other hand, high-performance data analysis requirements are causing academical and industrial communities to adopt state-of-the-art technologies in HPC to solve Big Data problems. Recently, we have proposed a key-value pair basedContinue reading “Performance Benefits of DataMPI: A Case Study with BigDataBench”