How to view Tables in Hue Database

Use following commands: mysql> mysql -u hue -p mysql> use hue ; Reading table information for completion of table and column names You can turn off this feature to get a quicker startup with -A Database changed mysql> show tables; +——————————–+ | Tables_in_hue | +——————————–+ | auth_group | | auth_group_permissions |  

Set Hue uses UTF8 collation and character set

# To create (use utf8_general_ci or utf8mb4_general_ci): CREATE DATABASE hue COLLATE = ‘utf8_general_ci’; # To view default_character_set_name and default_collation_name SELECT * FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA.SCHEMATA; # To alter if not created with UTF8 collation ALTER DATABASE hue COLLATE = ‘utf8_general_ci’; mysql> CREATE DATABASE hue COLLATE = ‘utf8_general_ci’; ERROR 1007 (HY000): Can’t create database ‘hue’; database exists mysql>Continue reading “Set Hue uses UTF8 collation and character set”

Create Hue Database in Red Hat

Log on to MySQL with your root password: mysql -u root -p Enter password: Create a database for Hue (we call it “hue” but any name works) with UTF8 collation and grant user privileges: create database hue default character set utf8 default collate utf8_general_ci; grant all on hue.* to ‘hue’@’%’ identified by ‘huepassword’; select *Continue reading “Create Hue Database in Red Hat”