Step 1: Download the Prebuilt IPFS Package Visit the IPFS installation page at and download the prebuilt ipfs binaries for your operating system. Why does the installation page talk about “Go IPFS”? There are multiple implementations of the IPFS protocol. The core IPFS team maintain implementations in Golang and Javascript. Those are commonly referred to as go-ipfs and js-ipfs.Continue reading “INSATALLATION PROCEDURE OF IPFS IN UBUNTU PLATFORM”

Installation procedure of IPFS on Windows Platform

Step 1: Download the Prebuilt IPFS Package Install IPFS from a prebuilt Package from this link: Click on the Download IPFS for your platform as shown below Click on Download go-ipfs Step 2: Unzip the Prebuilt Package The binaries for Windows are in a zip file. Use the appropriate tool to unzip the file. ThisContinue reading “Installation procedure of IPFS on Windows Platform”