How to shorten SharePoint long URL

Using a  SharePoint URL Shortener from Codeplex you can shorten long SharePoint URL Project Description This SharePoint feature allows end-users to generate shortened URLs against SharePoint content that can be used in documents, emails, navigation links, etc. SharePoint URL Shortener : All you to shorten SharePoint Long URL Download SharePoint Shortener URL tool from CodePlex:Continue reading “How to shorten SharePoint long URL”

How do you install Moodle on SharePoint?

Enabling Microsoft Office SharePoint Server as the File System for Moodle Safeguarding files saved in Moodle just got better.  As the title suggests, the white paper explains how IT Pros and partners can configure Moodles to use Microsoft SharePoint, a world class content management system, as the file system for all of their Moodle instances. Continue reading “How do you install Moodle on SharePoint?”