Planing virtualized SharePoint farms

Determine the physical software and hardware requirements for your existing or planned SharePoint farm. See the following TechNet articles for guidance: Plan for Software Boundaries (Office SharePoint Server) Plan for performance and capacity (Office SharePoint Server) Plan and monitoring SQL Server Storage for Windows SharePoint Services: Performance Recommendations. Determine your virtual machine hardware requirements forContinue reading “Planing virtualized SharePoint farms”

Virtualizing SharePoint database role

The database role’s responsibility is store, maintain and return data to the other roles in the farm. This role has the highest amount of disk IO activity and can often have very high memory and processor requirements. Virtualization of SQL Server 2005 and 2008 is supported. Depending on your environment’s requirements will determine whether you choosContinue reading “Virtualizing SharePoint database role”

Virtualizing SharePoint index role

The index role’s responsibility is to maintain an up-to-date index by crawling the index corpus using the configured incremental and full crawl schedules. It then needs to propagate the index to all the query servers. The Index server role in a SharePoint farm is often times the most memory intensive role, making it a lessContinue reading “Virtualizing SharePoint index role”

Virtualizing SharePoint query role

The query role’s responsibility is to respond to search requests from the web role  and secondly to maintain a propagated copy of the index stored on the Query servers local file system. It is a good candidate for virtualization, as long as SharePoint architects take a few key factors into consideration: For best performance, useContinue reading “Virtualizing SharePoint query role”