Is SharePoint virtualization supported?

One of the first questions my customers ask when considering virtualization is “Is SharePoint supported in a virtualized environment?” This question breaks down into two questions that need to be answered.  Is SharePoint technology supported in a virtualized environment at all? Is my chosen virtualization vendor’s technology supported? The SharePoint and windows product team announcedContinue reading “Is SharePoint virtualization supported?”

Why consider virtualizing your SharePoint farm?

The following is a list of the main drivers we have experienced in existing customer environments: Data Centre issues such as limited or no power and rack space available. Saving your company money by reducing your infrastructure footprint and reducing the power and cooling costs required. Green IT : reduce carbon footprint by reducing the powerContinue reading “Why consider virtualizing your SharePoint farm?”

SharePoint Virtualization Best Practices

Learn about the architectural considerations when trying to virtualize Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS 2007). This deck assumes you have good grounding in virtualization technology and discusses virtualization from a vendor-neutral view point. Contained in this presentation is valuable insight around I/O utilization, RAM usage, CPU assignments, and storage when deploying SharePoint virtually. TheContinue reading “SharePoint Virtualization Best Practices”