Get Active Databases in SharePoint 2010 Farm

Source: Follow these steps to list all active databases in the SharePoint 2010 Farm: Logon to your SharePoint server farm (preferably the server that hosts Central Admin) Click Start Click All Programs Click SharePoint 2010 Products Click SharePoint 2010 Management Shell (run as administrator) Type Get-SPDatabase | Select Name | Out-File c:\alldbs.txt (this will create the file forContinue reading “Get Active Databases in SharePoint 2010 Farm”

Best practices regarding SharePoint 2010 farm topologies

SharePoint 2010 farm topologies  , discussion of three supported topologies: Single Data Center High-Availability Model, Cross-Site High-Availability Model, and Multiple-Farm Cross-Site Model.  , technical diagrams of recommended solutions.  , common ways to build and scale farm topologies.  , nice explanation of basic terminology.  , scale out from a 2-tierContinue reading “Best practices regarding SharePoint 2010 farm topologies”

Planning and Design SharePoint 2010 Extranet

Best practices for setting up SharePoint 2010 Extranet  Environment  , provides advice regarding SharePoint Extranet environments. Created by members of Microsoft Consulting Services.  , extranet topologies.  , extranet topologies and firewalls.  , more extranet topologies.  

SharePoint 2010 Upgrade and Migration best practices

Best Practices to follow when upgrading SharePoint 2010 , reviews upgrade best practices. , video of best practices. , video about Upgrade lessons learned by MS. , preparing for upgrade.–Migration-Best-Practices-SharepointPTDay-29102010 , video about upgrade and migration best practices.  

SharePoint 2010 Real Life Usage

Once you have SharePoint deployed, it’s up to the end users, power users, and IT Pros to make the best of it. This section discusses best practices targeted towards this audience., discussion of the use of Asset vs Picture libraries., dealing with copying permissions between site collections., best practices that help indexingContinue reading “SharePoint 2010 Real Life Usage”