Attach databases and upgrade to SharePoint Server 2010

How to detach SharePoint 2007 database and attach to SharePoint 2010 farm? In this post, I am going to provide all the steps you needed to attach SharePoint 2007 database to SharePoint 2010 database. 1. Go to Central Administration of your SharePoint 2007 farm Application Management > Content Database In this example,  I created aContinue reading “Attach databases and upgrade to SharePoint Server 2010”

SharePoint 2010 recommended Configurations for Mid-Market

This configuration can deliver optimal performance for environments requiring either scalable servers for use with Hyper-V virtualization to create an HA environment for the SharePoint 2010 farm or scalable performance for a SharePoint 2010 farm with a simplified topology. This configuration is rated at approximately 250 to 450 simultaneous users and can deliver between 20KContinue reading “SharePoint 2010 recommended Configurations for Mid-Market”

Setup Form based authentication–FBA in SharePoint 2010

How to configure Form based authentication for SharePoint 2010? Step by step instructions how to configure form based authentication can be Setup Form Based Authentication for SharePoint 2010 DOWNLOAD FBA User Management Tool Go to “C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727”. 2. Open file “aspnet_regsql.exe” (with Run as Administrator). I. You will get an installation form. Hit “Next” button. II.Continue reading “Setup Form based authentication–FBA in SharePoint 2010”