Database attach upgrade for SSPs and My Sites

How to video about using database attach to upgrade a Shared Service Provider and My Sites to 2010 from SharePoint 2007. Step by step instructions to upgrade SharePoint 2007 SSPs and My Sites to SharePoint 2010. Watch Video: Database attach upgrade for SSPs and My Sites from MOSS to SP2010 Watch Video: Database attach upgradeContinue reading “Database attach upgrade for SSPs and My Sites”

SharePoint 2010 Web Analytics Tool

CardioLog Web Analytics is an on premise solution which provides numerous usage reports for SharePoint internet sites. Whether you need basic stats, custom dashboards , or executive reports

Disable check out documents function in SharePoint 2010

How to disable check out in SharePoint 2010? Go to Site Actions | Site Settings and click View All Site Content Go to the library that contains the file In the Ribbon, select the Library Tools |  Library tab Click Library Settings in the Ribbon Click General Settings  | Versioning Settings