Introduction to SharePoint 2013 – Free Training

Experience some of the new ways SharePoint Online simplifies how you interact with your team and across your enterprise. Learn how new search capabilities help you discover and organize information, manage the results, and take immediate action to be more productive. Learn how to create content, control the policies that govern content management, and protectContinue reading “Introduction to SharePoint 2013 – Free Training”

SharePoint warmup script

Tired of waiting for SharePoint pages to load? Want something easy to support? That works on all versions? Download SharePoint warmup script  Key Features Supports both SharePoint 2010 and 2013 Supports custom page URLs Automatically detects all Web Application URLs Downloads full page resources (CSS, JS, images) not just HTML Downloads using Internet Explorer COMContinue reading “SharePoint warmup script”

Customizing SharePoint 2013 global navigation

How to customize SharePoint 2013 Global Navigation? All the steps you needed to customize SharePoint 2013 navigation can be found here:   Customizing SharePoint 2013 global navigation with CSS and jQuery – Part 5 on March 31, 2014 Customizing SharePoint 2013 global navigation with CSS and jQuery – Part 4 on February 22, 2014 Customizing SharePoint 2013 global navigation withContinue reading “Customizing SharePoint 2013 global navigation”

Social Intranets with SharePoint and Yammer

Social Intranet with SharePoint and Yammer concept Before actually going on to the technical details, let’s first clarify the concept slightly with few pictures and some description. SharePoint 2013 had actually natively some great social capabilities, but roughly on the same time as we released the beta 2 for SharePoint 2013, we announced that weContinue reading “Social Intranets with SharePoint and Yammer”