Get Rid of Orphaned Content Types in SharePoint 2013

Written by ikarstein Source: One of my customers has a SharePoint 2013 farm with content migrated from SharePoint 2010. In the past on SharePoint 2010 they have had the Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Reporting Services-Add-In for SharePoint enabled on some sites. Because they did not need it any more they removed it from SharePoint but without deactivatingContinue reading “Get Rid of Orphaned Content Types in SharePoint 2013”

SharePoint Server 2013 Disaster Recovery in Windows Azure

The disaster recovery environment for an on-premises SharePoint 2013 farm can be hosted in Windows Azure. Windows Azure IaaS provides a secondary datacenter. Pay only for the resources you use. Small recovery farms can be scaled out after a disaster to meet scale and capacity targets.   The recovery farm in Windows Azure is configuredContinue reading “SharePoint Server 2013 Disaster Recovery in Windows Azure”

change the size of the column in SharePoint list view

Source: Do you know how SharePoint determines the size of the Multiline Text type column for the list view? I don’t think SharePoint knows that either. In essence, Multiline text columns, if there are several of them, seem to get their size from the heading text, so if the text is just one small word –Continue reading “change the size of the column in SharePoint list view”