Transform a SharePoint Web Part Zone into jQuery Tabs

Source: The web part is simplistic. We add a few custom web part properties that can be edited, and use them to output some data on to the page. The real coding is in the JavaScript where I restructure the data and then create the Tabs Widget.

SharePoint list view filtering with query string paramters

Source: The reason why this post says “advanced filtering” is because a while ago I wrote a post which explains how to pass query string parameters to a list view to do basic filtering; the only thing is that method only allow for exact match and not “contains”, “begins with” etc. So this time, I’ll show youContinue reading “SharePoint list view filtering with query string paramters”

SharePoint Conference 2014 Videos & Slides

PowerShell Script to download all SharePoint Conference 2014 Videos & Slides Downloads all the SPC14 Sessions and Slides Groups them by folders Makes sure no errors come up due to Illegal File names. If you stop the script and restart in the middle, it will start where it left off and not from beginning. TheContinue reading “SharePoint Conference 2014 Videos & Slides”

SharePoint Online announces 1TB site collections and unlimited tenant storage scale

A 1TB site collection limit for OneDrive for Business and team sites: allowing your teams to store more content in a single location. Infinite tenant storage scale: bringing your content to the cloud without compromise. These updates are rolling out live worldwide over the coming weeks. Let’s dive into the details. 1TB site collection limit increaseContinue reading “SharePoint Online announces 1TB site collections and unlimited tenant storage scale”