Hybrid features in SharePoint 2016

How to configure Hybrid features in SharePoint 2016 When you completes the Farm Configuration Wizard, you will see option to configure Hybride features This completes the Farm Configuration Wizard.   Hybrid features in SharePoint 2016 With hybrid features, you can take a best-of-both-worlds approach by providing access to Office 365 productivity services and offerings directlyContinue reading “Hybrid features in SharePoint 2016”

Sharepoint 2016 configuration wizard

How to run SharePoint 2016 Configuration Wizard?  Are you familiar with SharePoint 2013? If so this is not difficult at all. Got to Central Administration and you will find link for SharePoint Configuration Wizard   Running SharePoint 2016 Configuration Wizard Select the service account for SharePoint 2016    Select the service Applications      OnceContinue reading “Sharepoint 2016 configuration wizard”

Installing Sharepoint 2016

How to Install SharePoint 2016. If your familiar installing previous version of SharePoint, this should not be hard.  Make sure all the pre-requests are installed and your server got all the updates. Download the installation file and run setup 2. Run the configuration wizard 3. Create a new server farm or connect to existing environment.Continue reading “Installing Sharepoint 2016”