The top 10 Nasdaq companies in 1999 vs. 2013

The top 10 now includes Apple AAPL -1.29% , FacebookFB -4.61% , Google and AMZN -3.18% . 14 years ago, Apple hadn’t yet launched the iPod, much less the iPhone or iPad, and Google wasn’t a publicly traded company. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was still in high school, and Amazon had been public for less than two years. Who’s stayed in theContinue reading “The top 10 Nasdaq companies in 1999 vs. 2013”

A-Z Guide To China’s Hottest Internet IPOs

Alibaba: Massive Chinese online marketplace based in Hangzhou handles more sales than Amazon and eBay combined, over $160 billion. Doesn’t sell directly to consumers, so profit margins can exceed 40%. Expected to debut in US at valuation exceeding $150 billion, with IPO proceeds potentially higher than $15 billion. AliPay: Alibaba’s PayPal with over 300 millionContinue reading “A-Z Guide To China’s Hottest Internet IPOs”