Install MongoDB on Ubuntu

Step by step instruction to install MongoDB on Ubuntu based on: Install MongoDB Configure Package Management System (APT) The Ubuntu package management tool (i.e. dpkg and apt) ensure package consistency and authenticity by requiring that distributors sign packages with GPG keys. Issue the following command to import theMongoDB public GPG Key: sudo apt-key adv –keyserver hkp:// –recv 7F0CEB10  Continue reading “Install MongoDB on Ubuntu”

Installing Vagrant on Windows 7 and 8

How to install Vagrant on Windows and run using VirtualBox? Based on the instructions from   , I am in the process of installing Vagrant on Windows 7. In this tutorial, we will be installing Vagrant, a bare bones server with Ubuntu installed. Vagrant is a server that runs under VirtualBox. You will need to haveContinue reading “Installing Vagrant on Windows 7 and 8”

Learn how to create effective Vagrant development environments

A practical guide to Vagrant Learn how to create effective Vagrant development environments What to expect from this book: As a very practical guide, this book will cover Vagrant from the requirements and installation to slightly complex tasks, such as running multiple VMs and deploying “real” servers. It will walk you through the most usedContinue reading “Learn how to create effective Vagrant development environments”