Free Virtual Machine Converter

The Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter Tool: Provides a quick, low-risk option for VMware customers to evaluate Hyper-V Converts VMware VMs, virtual disks and configuration, (memory, virtual processor, etc.) from the source to Hyper-V Uninstalls the VMware tools on the source VM and installs the Hyper-V Integration Services as appropriate Includes an easy-to-use wizard-driven GUI simplifyingContinue reading “Free Virtual Machine Converter”

5 open source virtualization technologies

Short for Kernel-based Virtual Machine, KVM, is not as widely deployed as other open source hypervisors, but its stature is growing rapidly. KVM is a full virtualization hypervisor and can run both Windows and Linux guests. Kernel-based Virtual Machine, KVM   Xen supports paravirtualization and "hardware assisted" virtualization for modified and un-modified guests, respectively.Continue reading “5 open source virtualization technologies”

Hypervisor Features in Red Hat, VMware, HyperV and VMWare Virtual Infrastucture

This document details the features and benefits of the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization for Servers product in comparison with VMware® vSphere® 4 (currently shipping as of the date of publication), Microsoft® Hyper-V® 2008 R2 (expected to ship in the second half of 2009), and VMware Virtual Infrastructure® 3.5 (widely deployed in existing virtualized environments). ThisContinue reading “Hypervisor Features in Red Hat, VMware, HyperV and VMWare Virtual Infrastucture”

Microsoft Virtualization Best Practices for SharePoint 2010

Virtualizing business-critical applications can deliver significant customer benefits, including cost savings, enhanced business continuity, and an agile and efficient management solution. In this webcast, we discuss virtualizing Microsoft SharePoint 2010 using Microsoft solutions. We present the benefits of Microsoft virtualization technologies over key competitors such as VMware, and we provide guidance for virtualizing SharePoint 2010Continue reading “Microsoft Virtualization Best Practices for SharePoint 2010”

Virtualization of SharePoint 2010 Farm Architecture

Server virtualization technologies have taken front stage recently and many organizations have begun to replace physical servers, including SharePoint servers, with virtualized machines. Virtualization of the 2007 wave of SharePoint Products and Technologies has been supported for some time, and many 2007 farms have been successfully virtualized over the years. With a new version ofContinue reading “Virtualization of SharePoint 2010 Farm Architecture”