Free Virtual Machine Converter

The Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter Tool: Provides a quick, low-risk option for VMware customers to evaluate Hyper-V Converts VMware VMs, virtual disks and configuration, (memory, virtual processor, etc.) from the source to Hyper-V Uninstalls the VMware tools on the source VM and installs the Hyper-V Integration Services as appropriate Includes an easy-to-use wizard-driven GUI simplifyingContinue reading “Free Virtual Machine Converter”

Microsoft Virtualization for VMware Professionals

Virtualization Jump Start (02): Differentiating Microsoft & VMware Virtualization Jump Start (03a): Hyper-V Deployment Options & Architecture | Part 1 Virtualization Jump Start (03b): Hyper-V Deployment Options & Architecture | Part 2 Virtualization Jump Start (04): High-Availability & Clustering Virtualization Jump Start (05): System Center Suite Overview with focus on DPM Virtualization Jump Start (06):Continue reading “Microsoft Virtualization for VMware Professionals”

How to create Windows 2008 Virtual Machine?

Step by step instruction to create Windows 2008 Server using VMware virtual machine. In this case, I am connected to my ESX host where I am going to create a new virtual machine to install Windows 2008 server. 1. Connect to your ESX Virtual Host and right click and create New Virtual Machine 2. SelectContinue reading “How to create Windows 2008 Virtual Machine?”

How to Download VMware Infrastructure Client

Where do I go to download VMware Infrastructure Client?  1. Open your browser 2. Enter your IP address for your VMware Host You will see VMWare Welcome window will open where you will see a link Download VMware Infrastructure Client If you need to access this host remotely, use the following program to install VMwareContinue reading “How to Download VMware Infrastructure Client”