SharePoint 2007 with Log Shipping

  The Log Shipping availability option typically provides lower cost automated transaction log backup and restore functionality, which provides redundancy at the database level. SQL Server provides the underlying framework for doing automated backup, copy and restore of transaction log files. SQL Server 2008 provides a sub-minute scheduling interval providing the ability to do quickContinue reading “SharePoint 2007 with Log Shipping”

SharePoint 2007 with Microsoft Failover Clustering

The Failover Clustering option is a more expensive solution for providing SQL Server availability. It provides very good protection in the case of hardware failure. Failover to a passive node is fairly quick (anywhere between 1-5 minutes depending upon the state of the cluster and database). Failover Clustering provides service availability but does not provideContinue reading “SharePoint 2007 with Microsoft Failover Clustering”

SharePoint 2007 with VMware HA/DRS + DB Mirroring (High Availability Mode)

The Database Mirroring availability option provides complete protection against data loss and fast recovery through automatic failover. Database mirroring maintains a redundant database by shipping log files to mirror servers when the transactions are committed on the principal server. Use database mirroring when you need to maintain multiple copies of your data and to createContinue reading “SharePoint 2007 with VMware HA/DRS + DB Mirroring (High Availability Mode)”