Free Windows Azure Books

Get free Windows Azure Books Autoscaling Application Block and Transient Fault Handling Application Block Reference EPUB MOBI PDF Create Your First Application: Node.js and Windows Azure EPUB MOBI PDF Developing Multi-tenant Applications for the Cloud on Windows Azure (3rd Edition) PDF Drupal on Windows Azure EPUB MOBI PDF Exploring CQRS and Event Sourcing: A journeyContinue reading “Free Windows Azure Books”

Installing SharePoint 2013 on Windows Azure Infrastructure Services

Session 1: Configure Windows Azure. Create a Virtual Network, subnets, and a Storage account. Create the virtual machines and empty disks. Session 2: Configure Domain Controllers. Configure two virtual machines as domain controllers. Session 3: Configure SQL Server Infrastructure. Prepare the Virtual Machines that host SQL Server. Session 4: Configuring a SharePoint Machine. Prepare theContinue reading “Installing SharePoint 2013 on Windows Azure Infrastructure Services”

SQL Server in Windows Azure Virtual Machines

This topic provides guidelines on how to sign up for SQL Server on a Windows Azure virtual machine and how to get started creating SQL Server databases in Microsoft public cloud environment. With SQL Server in Windows Azure Virtual Machines, you get the full benefits of infrastructure-as-a-service offering in Microsoft data centers. Therefore, you haveContinue reading “SQL Server in Windows Azure Virtual Machines”

Installing Windows Server 2012 in Azure

How to Install Windows Server 2012 in virtual machine?  Using Windows Azure, you can easily install Windows 2012 server.  You can find all the steps for setting up Windows 2012 in Windows Azure 1. Go to and setup a Windows Azure 90 day free trial 2. Once  you setup your account, click  Portal orContinue reading “Installing Windows Server 2012 in Azure”