SharePoint Server Backups: New and Better Techniques

The trick to making SharePoint backups easier is to forget about SharePoint. Ignore the databases, ignore the files, ignore the configurations, ignore it all. Instead, simply back up every block of disk space. As data is changed, that data is written to disk in the form of changed disk blocks—have an agent on the serverContinue reading “SharePoint Server Backups: New and Better Techniques”

Asigra Cloud Backup

Asigra Cloud BackupTM software is designed to alleviate the challenges of backing up and recovering data from your customers’ sites into your multi-tenanted cloud. Asigra Cloud Backup offers unprecedented efficiencies to the data being captured, ingested, stored and transmitted over the network using the following methods: De-duplication techniques Backup and transmission of only new/changed dataContinue reading “Asigra Cloud Backup”

CommVault Simpana

Modern data management is a tightly integrated blend of snapshot, replication and persistent copies that are secure, deduplicated, managed, and accessible through a single, unified platform. Simpana 9 is application, operating system, and disk aware. It quickly creates copies that are highly available, by integrating and leveraging hardware array-based snapshot technologies. Then, data is efficientlyContinue reading “CommVault Simpana”

Tivoli Storage Manager

Help simplify the protection and management of your data, even as it continues to grow exponentially Address business continuity by helping to shorten backup and recovery times and helping to maximize application availability with advanced data recovery management technologies Employ data de-duplication and a hierarchy of storage to help increase efficiencies and conserve resources HelpContinue reading “Tivoli Storage Manager”

SharePoint Server Backups

Microsoft’s SharePoint Server has probably had the most variety in its backup and restore solutions. The first version of the product was essentially a modified version of Exchange Server, and used the same database engine that Exchange did at the time. Today, SharePoint Server uses multiple databases to store its content, configuration, search catalogs, andContinue reading “SharePoint Server Backups”