Adding custom domain name to SharePoint online site

How do I add my own custom domain  name to SharePoint Online site which I created? If you have SharePoint online site and want to add a custom domain name to your site, the process is easy. Under Management click on Domain Your Microsoft Office 365 account comes with a domain name——but if you haveContinue reading “Adding custom domain name to SharePoint online site”

Adding users to SharePoint Online

How do you add users to SharePoint online? What if you want to add users in bulk? In SharePoint online you can add a single users or add many users in bulk by creating CSV file To add a users click on users under Management Click on New and select user or bulk add usersContinue reading “Adding users to SharePoint Online”

Remove public website from Office 365

I created Office 365 account but I don’t want to have public web site in the account.  I was looking for a way to remove public web site  but didn’t find any information.   To remove or delete the public web site from office 365, I try to delete all the pages but it won’tContinue reading “Remove public website from Office 365”