Differences Between High Availability and Disaster Recovery

Solutions and systems that address High Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR) have been paramount in preventing application downtime and its crippling effect on productivity and operational output. But the traditional differences between HA and DR have been blurred by new mechanisms introduced by emerging technologies. And while it is possible to provide HA andContinue reading “Differences Between High Availability and Disaster Recovery”

Storage Considerations for Microsoft SharePoint

Though Microsoft SharePoint has emerged as a market front-runner in the race to empower business users and provide collaborative systems for decision making, few SharePoint installations live up to the prophecies originally hyped during the buy-in process. The brilliance of any successful enterprise application is its sustainability, not the initial reply to an urgent businessContinue reading “Storage Considerations for Microsoft SharePoint”

Guide to Building Highly Scalable Enterprise File Serving Solutions

Chapter 1: Moving Beyond Current File Serving Philosophies Chapter 2: Taming Storage Growth—A Modern Perspective Chapter 3: Data Path Optimization for Enterprise File Serving Chapter 4: Building High-Performance, Scalable, and Resilient Windows File Serving Solutions Chapter 5: Building High-Performance, Scalable, and Resilient Linux File-Serving Solutions Chapter 6: Managing High-Performance, Scalable, and Resilient Data Across theContinue reading “Guide to Building Highly Scalable Enterprise File Serving Solutions”

Remote BLOB storage for SharePoint Server 2010

Downloadable and printable content (available in .doc, .pdf, or .xps file formats) that contains information about how to use Remote BLOB Storage (RBS) to optimize database storage resources in SharePoint Server 2010. Downloadable book: Remote BLOB storage for SharePoint Server 2010 (http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=203469)