Truncate SharePoint Log Files for All the database in SQL Server

Truncate Log Files for All the database in SQL Server1. Perform full backup of all your database2. Open your SQL Management Studio 3. Click on New Query4. Insert the code and click Execute SQL 2008 use masterDECLARE @Statement varchar (4000)SELECT @Statement = ”SELECT @Statement = @Statement + ‘USE [?];’SELECT @Statement = @Statement + ‘DECLARE @Log_Logical_FileNameContinue reading “Truncate SharePoint Log Files for All the database in SQL Server”

Publishing Portal Missing Team Site Template

Publishing Portal Missing Team Site Template Cannot find the “Team Site” template when I try to create a new site in SharePoint 2010I checked Site Collection Administration | Features and all the features I needed are active Went to Site Settings | Features and Team Collaboration Lists are active Still when I try to createContinue reading “Publishing Portal Missing Team Site Template”

Delete Orphaned Project Database

How to delete orphaned Project Database? The database specified is already used by another project server. Enter a different server or database name and try again. To delete orphaned Project Database 1. Run: Get-SPDatabase | Select Name 2. Identify the database which you want to delete and open SQL Management Studio 3. Select SharePoint ConfigDB and runContinue reading “Delete Orphaned Project Database”

Social Intranets with SharePoint and Yammer

Social Intranet with SharePoint and Yammer concept Before actually going on to the technical details, let’s first clarify the concept slightly with few pictures and some description. SharePoint 2013 had actually natively some great social capabilities, but roughly on the same time as we released the beta 2 for SharePoint 2013, we announced that weContinue reading “Social Intranets with SharePoint and Yammer”